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Mount the Korean Pansori Carnegie Hall 한국의 판소리 카네기홀에 오르다
음악인들의 꿈의 무대라는 ‘카네기 홀’에서 한국의 판소리가 울려 퍼진다.
선임기자김태민 기사입력  2018/09/22 [18:27]
The Korean folk opera Pansori will be presented at the Carnegie Hall, on Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 4:30 PM.

This concert, entitled “Inside Mother's Mind Revealed Through Korean Pansori,” marks the 48th occasion of Pansori Yupa [School] Festival, a stage where masters of various schools of pansori gather together to share their singing styles. It is hosted by the Korea Pansori Preservation Association of the Easten U.S. Region branch and supervised by the Korea Pansori Preservation Association.

  This year’s festival commemorates Pansori’s induction into UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. Past years’ Pansori Yupa Festivals have commemorated major historical and cultural milestones such as the 70the anniversary of Korea’s Liberation, discovery of the lost song of Sung-jo that was sung during the rebuilding of the Gyeongbokgung Palace in the 19th century, and restoration of an old musical theater Sunchun Daesaseup.
For this festival, Sora Kim, Manager of Korea Pansori Preservation Association of the Eastern US Region branch, has developed a concert program around the theme of Mother’s Love, approaching the universal subject matter through sub-motifs such as birth, separation, suffering, prayer, reunion, and joy. In addition to traditional pansori performances, the program includes newly composed Korean traditional chamber music, drum music, Korean traditional dance, as well as an Ms. Kim’s own pansori composition with English lyrics. There will be a “conversation with an artist” segment during the concert, designed to promote the understanding of pansori. During the last number all audience members will be invited to sing along with the performers, recreating the context in which folk songs are typically performed and ending the concert on a celebratory note.

The concert has been directed by Dong-Jun Cho, Executive Director of Korea Pansori Preservation Association. Performers include pansori singers Soo-Nim Chung, Ui-Jin Jung, Jung-Hui Kim, Jung-Tae Nam, Hyang-Im Ko, Nan-Cho Lee, So-Ra Kim and Su-Ji Kim ; drummers master Geun-Young Park, Ki-Ho Kim, Eun-Kyung Gyun, Ye-Jin King and Seung-Won Oh ; dancer Jeong-Ae Gong; gayageum player Hae-Young Mo of New York Gaya Chamber; and musicians Sun-mi Mo (Haegeum), Sung-Yeop Kim (Korean pipe), and Sang-Min Kim (keyboard).  

Sun-Seop Song, President of Korea Pansori Preservation Association, and organizers of the festival have ensured to encompass musicians of diverse styles and stages of mastership, from Living National Treasure to Yisuja (senior disciple) to award holders. The concert, which includes various genres of Korean traditional music in addition to pansori, will be an important step toward Korean traditional performing arts’ introduction to the Western world.


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